Roborana Championships Table Tennis Ladder or League

Kontich, Belgium

You cannot be challenged if your status is set to 'away'.

The timezone is set to 'Central European Standard Time' which will affect the time set in your calendars and emails.

Challenges expire after 14 days after which it is forfeited and the challenger wins the match.

The challenger cannot challenge more than 3 places above their position.

Max Simultaneous Challenges: Default (one up, two down)

You cannot challenge the same team/player twice in a row.

W - L Tot
1. Tuur C.
1 - 0 1
2. Evert B.
0 - 1 1
  cancelled with  
cancelled by Tuur Craeynest : Cancelled by Admin
4 days ago
  lost to   1:2
Scores : ( 11:9, 5:11, 9:11 )
4 days ago