The Mount Pool Rankings Pool Ladder or League

Exeter, United Kingdom
Club: The Mount Pool Rankings

Challenges: You can challenge anyone within 5 places of you in the table.
(For example you are 7th - you can challenge anyone between 2nd and 12th in the table)
Win: 3 points
Loss: 0 points

Standard UK 8 ball pool rules.

2 shots carried, 1 shot on the black
Anywhere behind the line after a foul and you CAN shoot backwards
Player pots 2 off the break they can nominate which set of balls they want to play
Player pots 1 off the break they have to take that colour

You cannot be challenged if your status is set to 'away'.

The timezone is set to 'Coordinated Universal Time' which will affect the time set in your calendars and emails.

Challenges expire after 7 days after which it is forfeited and the challenger wins the match.

The challenger cannot challenge more than 5 places above their position.

Max Simultaneous Challenges: Default (one up, two down)

W - L Tot Pts
1. Alex D.
1 - 0 1 3
2. Chris T.
0 - 0 0 0
3. Will G.
0 - 0 0 0
4. Bob M.
0 - 1 1 0
Bob M.   lost to   Alex D. 18 days ago
Scores : ( 0:1 )