The Tin Squadron Lock-in Ladder Generic Ladder or League

London, United Kingdom
Club: Tin Squadron

Welcome to round 0 (the trial run) of the Tin Squadron Lock-in Ladder!

Registration from Friday 1 May
Tournament begins Monday 4th May
Final challenges issued Friday 15th May
Tournament ends Sunday 17th May

There are no prizes (yet!) but when we have this tested we'll be doing it again with our custom stress tokens and more from our friends at Kirby's Workshop.


200pts Extended. You may change your list between rounds.

1. Challenge someone to a match (your first opponent will be randomly generated) – you can challenge anyone up to three places above you on the ladder. They have three days to respond.
a. If they respond, arrange your game and play within the three day period.
b. If they don’t respond within three days, you automatically win.
2. If you win, you take their place and knock the whole ladder down a rung.
3. If you lose, you stay where you are and you CANNOT submit a rematch. Play someone else!

You cannot be challenged if your status is set to 'away'.

The timezone is set to 'GMT-01:00' which will affect the time set in your calendars and emails.

Challenges expire after 3 days after which it is forfeited and the challenger wins the match.

The challenger cannot challenge more than 3 places above their position.

Max Simultaneous Challenges: One up, one down

You cannot challenge the same team/player twice in a row.

W - L Tot
1. Dave C.
2 - 0 2
2. Jon V.
3 - 2 5
3. Chris B.
1 - 2 3
4. SamTi..
3 - 0 3
5. Peter Y.
2 - 2 4
6. Ryan B.
1 - 3 4
7. Mark S.
0 - 3 3
Jon V.   defeated   Chris B. 13 days ago
Scores : ( 1:0 )
Ryan B.   lost to   Jon V. 14 days ago
Scores : ( 0:1 )
SamTi..   defeated   Peter Y. 14 days ago
Scores : ( 1:0 )
Peter Y.   cancelled with   Dave C. 16 days ago
cancelled by Peter Yarwood : Other