Welcome to our team squash league page.

This is an example squash club website to illustrate how wotscore leagues can be easily styled. A wotscore ladder (our demo squash ladder) is embedded into the webpage as an iframe to the right using the following html:

<iframe width=100% seamless height=800
The stylesheet used by wotscore is bootstrap so it should be relatively easy to rebrand the wotscore website either by creating your own bootstrap style or by using a theme. Obviously this can be done for all the sports supported by wotscore including squash, football and tennis.

Try some other styles at bootswatch:

Notice after clicking these links that the squash league is not styled in the wotscore colours. A new cascading stylesheet has been applied so wotscore can maintain fidelity with a parent squash club site. You can still use the ladder with the new style..try accepting Bill Bates challenge, if you think you are up to the challenge ;-)

Squash player