Table Tennis League Management

Wotscore supports table tennis leagues and ladders of either singles or doubles.

The table tennis leagues are based on a season (of which the entire history of previous seasons and charts can be viewed), and a 3 points for a win system (or alternatively 2 points for a win). The leagues can be setup so if a player is away they can avoid a season and stay in the same division when they return (for instance box leagues).

An administrator first creates the table tennis league and then invites all the players into the via email (or facebook) through the site. They can then sort and order the players into divisions of arbitrary size using a drag and drop tool. If the divisions are large enough the administrator can also set the promotion and relegation zone. Once the end date has been set, the league can be started. The teams can then arrange matches through the site and make bookings for the tables on the wotscore calendar and enter the results. The software will automatically do the points calculation and perform promotion and relegation at the end of the season.

Table Tennis Players

Here are some basic reasons to use wotscore over pen and paper or a spreadsheet:

  • Run by admins or by players arranging their own matches
  • Booking engine using very simple online calendar and appointment arranger (also integrated with google calendar so mobile devices get a notification)
  • View lots of charts and statistics on the league
  • Instant result entry via your mobile
  • Players able to privately message each other to arrange games or leave comments on the games they played
  • Widget to embed competition (including ALL of wotscore services) in your own website or blog so people get instant access to the league
  • Inexpensive for a rich feature set

The pong leagues can be quite busy on wotscore with high scoring and a lot of animated commenting on the match results!