Features & Pricing

Wotscore is software incorporated into a website that supports competitions, players and teams, and reservations. Competitions are created by inviting all players to join the site allowing them to actively participate by entering results and booking matches. The administrator can configure the competitions and enter results on behalf of players also.

Wotscore supports two types of competitions, ladders and leagues. For example, a tennis ladder is a competition that is always running and is good fun from a social aspect. It has a simpler challenge based mechanism rather than league based promotion and relegation. With a ladder, a player takes the position of the loser after the match is played if they win the match.

Once the admin has configured a competition, be it a ladder or league, it is ready to go. Players can arrange matches and enter scores, and Wotscore does most of the competition management. It checks for expiry dates of matches, create challenges for inactive players, or performs promotion and relegation automatically to keep the competition moving. Wotscore even has the option of giving players extra bumps up the ranks if they play a lot of games, thereby encouraging participation.

The admins get full control over the ladder:

Tennis Ladder

Make it a date

Either player or the admin can enter a date and time for the match by clicking the date field. This will check whether the court is free, send an email the day before the booking. It will even link to your google calendar and send the match details to your android phone.

Edit a Score

Dont worry about messing up a score. The admin can edit any score. Wotscore will automatically rerank the entire ladder throughout its entire history if needbe. Still not happy? Then drag and drop the players into position.


Stay in contact on and off the site. You can send someone an email, or you can send them a secure private message. You can create up to three date suggestions for your game through the Wotscore calendar. You can message and email everyone on the ladder.


$0.00 / Month

  • Limited Features*
  • Maximum 20 players per competition

* See feature table below. Full features if you are in trial period for one month after joining.


$4.99 / Month

  • Full features
  • Maximum 25 players per competition


$6.99 / Month

  • Full features
  • Maximum unlimited players per competition

For Everyone

More than 20 players
Challenge based ladders
Singles, doubles & teams
Automatic fixture generation
Automatic league promotion and relegation
Automatic match forfeit

Contact & Messaging

Email notifications and reminders
Private messages sent to players
Message board for group comments
Post to facebook competition wall
Smartphone alerts and popups via Google calendar integration
Weekly Bulletin


Create an availability calendar
Suggest or place a booking for a game


Charts of full competition/round history
Statistics of busy players and contests

For Administrators

Remove players from ladder or league
Send group messages to all players in competition
Edit players rankings using drag and drop
Move players between league divisions
Transfer ownership of ladder or league to another player
Edit previous scores with recalibration of ladder
Add a second admin capable of entering scores
Set players to standby
Create challenges and record results between any players
Charge a competition entry fee
Apply penalty


Automatic scheduling of matches
Edit court/pitch names


Todays Active Competitions:

Table Tennis Ladder or League Sun Trading International Table Tennis Ladder 2018-01-31 London, United Kingdom
Squash Ladder or League South London Squash 2018-01-30 London, United Kingdom
Chess Ladder or League Zappistore Chess League 2018-02-01 London, United Kingdom
Table Tennis Ladder or League DataSine Office Ladder 2018-02-12 London, United Kingdom
Table Tennis Ladder or League MMU Sport (Staff) 2018-01-17 Manchester, United Kingdom
Table Football Ladder or League FooseballHQ 2017-03-16 Glasgow, United Kingdom
Table Tennis Ladder or League test challenge 4 2018-01-27 Chicago, United States
Table Tennis Ladder or League Resolver Table Tennis Ladder 2018-05-10 Toronto, Canada
Table Tennis Ladder or League Trinity Table Tennis Championship 2018-02-16 Oxford, United Kingdom
Squash Ladder or League Squaladder 2017-2018 2018-04-17 Groningen, Netherlands
Generic Ladder or League Sony Hockey League 2018-02-15 Lund, Sweden
Generic Ladder or League Kingston 40k Ladder League 2018-01-29 Kingston, Canada
Badminton Ladder or League Testing Round Robin 2018-02-06 Edmonton, Canada
Table Tennis Ladder or League Solace Table Tennis Ladder 2017-11-30 Ottawa, Canada
Table Football Ladder or League Trivident King of Foosball 2018-02-02 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tennis Ladder or League Wollaston Tennis League 2018-04-20 Stourbridge, United Kingdom
Generic Ladder or League Larkin's Ladder 2018-07-12 Boston, United States
Snooker Ladder or League The jonathon sampson memorial/invitational 2018-02-09 Boston, United States
Tennis Ladder or League MSC Liquigas Singles Ladder 2018 2018-06-02 Marsa, Malta
Table Tennis Ladder or League TR CR TT ROFL BBQ 2017-11-16 Nottingham, United Kingdom
Table Tennis Ladder or League Table Tennis 18 Tracker 2018-02-07 Atlanta, United States
Squash Ladder or League Dunston Squash Club Ladder 2018-05-23 Dunston, United Kingdom
Squash Ladder or League Rivets Squash Ladder 2018-07-08 Aylesbury, United Kingdom
Table Tennis Ladder or League TT Ladder 2018-03-10 Shifnal, United Kingdom
Table Tennis Ladder or League TS PP Season 1 Ladder Showdown 2018-05-19 Fremont, United States
Generic Ladder or League BucksGammon Challenge Ladder 2017-12-11 Chesham, United Kingdom
Table Tennis Ladder or League Veniam Table Tennis Ladder Tournament 2018-01-04 Porto, Portugal
Table Football Ladder or League FLF Table Football 2018-01-30 Yarnton, United Kingdom
Table Tennis Ladder or League FLF Table Tennis 2018-01-30 Yarnton, United Kingdom