Competition Creation

Here we give an overview of how to create a tennis league and invite players into, although the same principles apply for other sports. We will use a doubles league. Obviously similar steps will apply to creation of a singles tennis ladder, a squash league or 5-aside football league.

When you register on wotscore and decide to create a league, you will be the administrator for that league. You can always transfer ownership of the league at a later date. If you want to create a singles league it is simple matter of clicking the create league button on your homepage. Your home page is always accessible by clicking on the logo above.

For creating a doubles league or team league, firstly you need to create a team. This will allow your partner to also view the league. The create team button can also be found on your home page. Once your team is created, you will be able to create a league from the team page.

Invite Players to Tennis League

As a tennis league administrator you have options to manage the league, but wotscore does require the players to register on the site and arrange the matches and enter the results themselves. Therefore you will need to invite players into the league.

You can invite players by email by clicking the invite button on the league homepage. In which case they will be sent an email notifying them of the league URL. If they are registered on the site they will be automatically added to the league if it is singles. If they are not registered, the email will contain instructions to register.

In our case of a tennis doubles league, after they register they will also need to create a team. Then they can join the league by clicking the join button from the league home page. You can approve the team if they have entered the team details correctly.

You can also invite them via facebook in which they they will be sent a request to view the wotscore facebook app.

Edit League

As players register on the site, they will be allocated to the first division. You can edit the tennis league at any time while it is registering, and drag and drop players into the required league division. You can also set the season end date. You need a minimum of 4 teams per league.

Once the league is setup correctly, there should be a start button on the league homepage. This will start the season immediately and create all the fixtures, so that each doubles team will play another. You can then also book the dates and times for the matches.

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