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Wotscore makes managing sports leagues and ladders easy by involving players in organising their matches and entering their scores online.

Administrators configure the league tables allowing software to manage the rankings, fixtures, scheduling and statistics. Players collaborate to arrange games, enter results and use the calendars to keep match dates. Create sports ladders and leagues for singles, doubles and teams, from sports like squash, tennis and pool to games like Fifa soccer.

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Challenge each other to games hoping to get to the top of the sports ladder
Set ladder rules including automatic challenges, rounds, and forfeits to keep the ladder moving


Create leagues where teams compete against each other hoping to be promoted when the season ends
Includes divisions of scheduled fixtures, with automatic promotion and relegation and past season results


Book squash, tennis courts, table tennis tables or soccer pitches
Enter your availability and suggest dates for a match to your opponent
Automatically schedule fixtures for a season


Save scores for league matches. Players can store results and view their table rank, history and charts. Administrators can create leagues, set the points, reorder players, teams and divisions, and create matches and edit game scores.


Get notified of upcoming challenges, bookings and generated fixtures via email or an app. Have conversations on the ladder message board. Privately message players and teams to arrange games. Connect with google calendars to see popups on your phone.


Arrange matches for a specific date and get reminders via email. Suggest dates on the calendar to your opponent. Book resources (courts, pitches and tables) and avoid conflicts. Set the number of resources and give them individual names.


Score entry and match edits instantly update competition ranks. View graphs of the entire competition history for any time interval. Check player statistics and popular match contests.


Wotscore will notify players of upcoming matches they have arranged. It can also periodically generate matches for players and schedule them, all automatically.

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Wotscore website will support small screens on phones and tablets. Players can also use an android or ios app for match features. We do not use commercial advertising and avoid social media ensuring the app is fast, private and secure. None of your data will ever be shared with third parties.

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  Leapfrog Ladder

A leapfrog ladder is the classic competition commonly used in squash and racquet sports. Players or teams are free to choose who to play by challenging one another. If they win they take the loser's position and everyone below moves down a position, hence they leapfrog up the table.

  Points Ladder

A points ladder is like a lite league with one division. Players use challenges to create matches and arrange their own dates. Admins can set the ladder to be 3 points for a win or an alternative points system. They can also set up rounds for generating random fixtures.

  Elo Ladder

An ELO ladder is underpinned by math based on the probability of a player winning. For example this gives mismatched players a big boost if they win. It is often seen as a fairer scheme despite being a little cryptic. Wotscore's charts show historical ranks and ELO scores to help visualise the progression of the competition.

  Mixed Doubles Ladder

A mixed doubles ladder is a points based competition involving rounds of random doubles. Each round, players are assigned random pairings and then random matches are created for these doubles. It works best for larger competitions with preferably 16 or more players.


A league is a standard competition table. Players are partitioned into divisions and matches are created for them (fixtures) in a round robin style for a long round or season. The fixtures can then be scheduled. The league can be set to 3 points for a win and altenatives, or a specialised system for the sport.